Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week of Jan. 27th

So I saw The Devil's Train the other night...

I gotta say, not just amazing, but also really nice. There's a smooth blend in their songs rolling from rockabilly to jazz to straight rock and roll. And I mean in the songs, right in the transitions. Pretty facinating stuff.

Slutzville was there too, and I just wanna say, calling us 'super moody' will get you an invite back to town.

Slutzville is pretty straight forward punk. Both these bands are from Grass Valley. Which is cool that they found something other to do than meth. It's hard to do that even in the city.

I'm gonna go ahead and pimp another straight forward punk band, The Community. Um. It's super hard to search for something specific when the term is as broad as "The Community," so here's their label's bandcamp. Go check out the other bands on there too, they're really good. Like realy good.

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